Aesthetics and Asexiness

On AVEN, I’ve seen the idea of physical attractiveness come up many times, and people have asked if asexuals can tell a good looking person from a average/homely/unattractive person. I find this very silly, since everyone has some sense of aesthetics, though what you do with that may vary.

What I found offensive, however, was that some people said it was “pointless” to know the difference, since you aren’t going to “act on it,” that is, you aren’t going to have sex with the attractive person. Apparently, the only reason to have eyes or look at something is to see if you want to fuck it or not.

This completely ignores the fact that many people find sunsets or paintings beautiful and don’t want to fuck them. I think my pet dog is damned cute, I enjoy looking at my dog, but I would never, ever fuck my pets. I think many other people feel the same way. People think babies are cute, but they (hopefully) don’t want to fuck them.

On that note, I also have always found it silly that, when you ask some heterosexual men if a guy is good looking, they freak out and say “I dunno, I’m not gay!” I’m not saying all straight men are like that, but some are. Certainly, they can look at another man and have some opinion on his looks, but I think society dictates that it’s wrong for them to say so.

It bothers me that no one seems to distinguish between “looking good” and “looking sexy.” Another thing is commercials on tv for zit cream saying “clear skin is sexy skin!” How about “Clear skin is healthy skin!” or “Clear skin doesn’t hurt and make you miserable!”

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