Watching TV clips

I’ve been watching some of the stuff on youtube, clips from interviews with David Jay and so on, and it’s so depressing. Even on The View, the first thing he says is the definition on AVEN, and immediately they all jump to the idea that asexuality is the same as celibacy. It’s also damn depressing when they say “Why organize?” or “What’s there to talk about?” concerning asexuality. Hello, erasure! WTF? Apparently, being asexual means you have no problems regarding sexuality and relationships, and that is not true. I know it’s to be expected, and I probably shouldn’t even watch, but still… amazing how people’s reactions are.

And why do they care so much about the sex lives of other people? (Or lack thereof.) I don’t understand the belittling and attacking and pathologizing. And I hate the “How would you know if you haven’t had sex?” I’ve had sex, and I still don’t miss it. It’s lack of sexual attraction, not lack of sexual experience.

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