I don’t want to look at that!

When the issue of public nudity comes up on internet forums, someone always chimes in with “What if people are old/fat/ugly? Why do they think that’s attractive?” This seems to show that people think nudity must always be attractive, and cannot be neutral and unsexual. This seems very unhealthy to me. Even if you’re sex-obsessed, I don’t see why you would look at every body out there to see if you’d like to fuck it. If you’re a twenty year old man, there’s no reason to sexually judge, say, a seventy year old woman by the same standards you’d judge a young woman you just met at the bar.

I’m not the most PC person ever, but I think it’s insane to push your own aesthetic standards on everyone. Who is to say what’s good looking? If you don’t like the way a person looks, don’t look at them. And the people who bitch about other people’s looks often are not supermodels themselves.

I used to think it was a problem with just “sexuals” but AVEN has proved me wrong again. I think it’s just that people are often naturally mean and like nothing better than to make fun of others for no good reason. On that note, I also find it amazing that people can be disgusted by their own genitals and have no curiosity about them whatsoever. I can’t understand being horrified by parts of your own body. Even if you aren’t gonna use them to have sex, you are going to use them for excretory functions, and it’s good to know stuff about them to make sure they are healthy. Likewise, I don’t know why people are so horrified of going to the gynecologist. I don’t see getting a checkup there are any more intrusive or embarrassing than having a doctor look up my nose or in my ears.

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2 Responses to I don’t want to look at that!

  1. I also found this weird phenomenon on AVEN: many people are horrified of going to the gynecologist, and even more weirdly, they’re also disgusted by sex Ed. class. Seriously, I don’t see the link between not liking sex and being repulsed by anything remotely sexual. Don’t they get curious about their bodies at all? Ugh.

    PS: I noticed some of your AVEN posts and followed to your blog. I like many things you said, especially your sex-positivity. 🙂


  2. amyb says:

    Thanks. Wrote another one about checkups just because I have one scheduled next month, first time in 10 years or so. And yeah, sex ed class. WTF. It’s a biology class, not a class teaching the kama sutra!

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