Gyno visits, etc

Since starrynight mentioned this, it’s another thing that weirds me out on aven. People who are horrified of anyone looking at their parts.

I no longer feel like a hypocrite saying this, because I have a pap smear scheduled in 3 weeks. It’s been a while though. And sure, it has been said that if you’re not having sex, you aren’t at high risk. That’s one reason people don’t get one. Another reason I didn’t was a longtime lack of health insurance.

But that’s not what I mean: what I mean is the horror of letting anyone see your parts. If you don’t even use them for sexytimes, then why even view them as sexual and get weirded out? In my mind, a pap smear is about on the same level as a dental exam: vaguely unpleasant, but nothing to freak out about.

I guess what I don’t get is the being horrified or ashamed of one’s body. Also, I think it’s way creepy to think there is anything sexual about getting yourself checked out down there. In fact, the receptionist asked if I had a preference as to which doctor did it, or if I wanted to request that it was a woman, and I said no. I don’t care. It’s a medical exam. It doesn’t last that long. I mean, just last year I had a colonoscopy. I was under general anesthesia and doctors stuck a camera UP MY BUTT. While I was passed out, there was a camera in my butt. Since that didn’t bother me at all, I can’t imagine being too upset by a swab in my vagina.

But again, I’d like to reiterate that asexuality is not necessarily the same thing as hating your body or being ashamed of being naked/partially naked.

The main thing that still annoys me about doctor visits is the assumption I am sexually active, however. It’s just an annoyance for me. I was on meds that are VERY BAD for fetuses, so they had to ask to make sure, but being asked repeatedly annoys me. I’m seeing a new dermatologist in 2 days and I wonder how that’ll go. I have bad skin problems, and have even been on chemotherapy drugs for them. I’m sure this will involve wearing a tiny gown and being looked up and down while half nude. Another problem is they ask when my last period was, to ascertain if I might be pregnant. I lie sometimes because mine are NEVER regular. Sometimes I get 2 in a month, sometimes I go 6 months without one. I don’t want birth control pills because hormonal drugs have already screwed up my life enough, and I don’t need any more side effects to deal with. I remember my old GP, she kept trying to get me on BC, and when I kept refusing, she just asked, “Are you a lebsian?” Um, no. I am not. I’m just not having sex with anybody, male or female.

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