Yesterday I watched a rerun of House since nothing else was on. I only caught the end of the episode, but a subplot involved a supposedly “asexual” couple. Wilson thought they seemed happy, but House was convinced something was wrong. Of course, the man actually had a brain tumor causing low libido and erectile dysfunction, and meanwhile, the girl was sleeping around on him but pretending she was “asexual.” I’m sure it’s been discussed before, but I had never seen this episode until yesterday.

I suppose, on some level, it helps that they discussed asexuality on a popular TV show, but then again, they discussed it and then basically tried to say it doesn’t exist. No one outright said that, of course, but the whole thing was based upon the woman lying and not being asexual, and the man being ill and not being asexual. On the other hand, I think Wilson did use the phrase “sexual orientation” rather than “health problem.”

The moral of the story is apparently: We could all be “fixed” if we got the brain tumors suppressing our libido removed…

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